A new beginning, and New Terra

New Beginning:

New Website layout, new projects, new goals.

Ok so I’ve decided to try and over-haul the site again, I don’t know if anyone saw the previous mess, the old site, and the redirect we had for a short while. This will hopefully stand a little better!

Ongoing efforts: We are still play testing Proelium and Imaginary Friends, both of which after a couple years of feed back and their final runs in their current versions of beta. Steven just got finished a solo marathon of play testing at Unpub5 in Baltimore MD, and then he will be joining me in Los Angeles for Orccon 2015. Big changes coming soon, and thank you everyone for all of the feedback over the last couple years.

Kickstarter for Proelium will be launching first week of MARCH.

New Terra:

New Terra is a new side project, it has been in development for a contest taking place on the game crafter. The contest is based upon a new part they added to their inventory… SPRUES. they had 3 varieties of sprues in multiple colors each, military units, civilization models and the like. So when deciding what to make for a game out of these types of available models it took some thinking to try and be unique.

New Terra is a pastoral gem, found in the distant cosmos. Using conventional methods it is difficult to transport people and equipment to this distant planet. It is rich with resources and new lands, and everyone wants a piece. You have managed to take a small team to the planet including of course a scientist to evaluate the planet and resources, your scientist has discovered a unique quantum occurrence in this new land, an energy which can be focused to transport people through time! But others have discovered this as well, and soldiers from earth’s history have entered the field to help claim this new frontier!

New Terra is a Deck Building Game, meaning, for those who are unfamiliar, that you build a custom deck of cards as you play, as opposed to prior to playing. New Terra is a Tabletop Strategy Game, meaning, there will be a map, where scenarios are played out with models, such as capture the flag, with a grid based system in this case. During card play you will deploy models by playing the corresponding card, the models stats are on the card, as well as functions that use the card to perform an action instead of deploying a model, or that allow the card to become a support.

Please visit our facebook or twitter if you wish to comment, or head to the game crafter and check it out after Feb. 23rd

Lots more to go, I need to finish work on New Terra, Prepare for Orccon, and finish preparation for Kickstarter… Rock on.