Covalent Crisis and Kickstarter

The Covalent Crisis.

It’s not really a crisis, well the game thematically involves a crisis of sorts, but I digress…

Covalent Crisis is a quick to learn, fast paced dice allocation game, with a tiny bit of take that, and a smidge of press your luck.

Players all take on the role of an astronaut and scientist, who is met with a critical situation only escapable by getting in the lab to make the chemicals you need to repair your damaged ship, tend to your wounds, and combat the alien parasite infesting your cargo bay! Yep, we went there. This game has custom dice, cards, and marker cubes to keep track of your compounds.



Take turns rolling the dice in an effort to gather the needed elements (H,O,N,C) to gain a unit of one of the compounds on the card. H2O for instance requires 2 dice that show an “H” and one that shows an “O”. Players start with only 3 dice at the beginning of the game, and as play progresses, more dice are added until you are rolling a total of 8 dice to acquire the last compound and win the game. There is a 20 minute time limit, after which if there has not been a winner, it’s time to reset the game and give it another go.

Some may try to press their luck while choosing which compounds to go for, some may press their luck even more to steal from your tanks! Players may also gamble on stopping the clock for a turn.

This is our game. We designed it for a contest, it was ill prepared, because the submission deadline was 7 days after we learned of the contest. That was over a year ago. Since then we have played this game with the printed prototype copies from the contest.


And we have had such a positive response from players, both in Baltimore and Los Angeles. You can check out the review page for tester submitted reviews from the Unpub5 convention here. If you’ve played it, fill out the feedback form there if you wish to. While working on Proelium and Imaginary Friends this game has tagged along and I don’t think either of us had it in our main focus, but during Steven’s visit it became clear; This was a good game. We went over the feedback and notes we had taken along the way and gave them serious review. The result was adding in a few more choices for players to make, and the need for developing a cleaner presentation with a solid comprehensive rulebook. As I mentioned in a previous post, we shifted gears, and Covalent Crisis has become the star at Axenic Games. Kickstarter here we come.

Kickstarter Crisis

Still not an actual crisis. But setting up a Kickstarter… Wow. I managed to edit some semblance of a decent video, that was a 2 week task for me alone, I am in the process of designing a spiffy new rule book, helping Steven edit the KS page he has been putting up. Trying to make final decisions for goals, rewards, logistics, possible stretch goals should we reach that point.

A gripping experience is not easy to produce.

But we are excited. My energy is running high, this project has been a thrilling experience, and it’s only just begun.¬†Whether the project is funded or not, there’s still a long road ahead, and if we are funded, the road is longer yet.

I can’t wait to see where it takes me.