Friday, July 7, 2017

  • Space Venture - David Jacobs at Dent Ventures: 12:45 - 2:30,2:45 - 4:30,4:45 - 6:30,6:45 - 8:30

    Space Venture Claim New Planets, Discover Wormholes and Alien Technology. Build and Command your fleet against other players to explore an ever changing and unique open space game system. Each turn you will potentially battle pirates, survive black holes and hopefully find the legendary Alien technology to give your fleet the edge in battle. The Universe is yours.


  • Payroll & The Red Zone - Sean Finegan: 4:45 - 6:30,6:45 - 8:30

    Payroll: Payroll is a worker placement, resource management game that will test your ability to build a successful business. Compete with up to four players to win the public's approval and have the best reputation in the industry. Build your company, hire employees, and delegate how they spend their time. Utilize their specific skills and find out who they work best with. Make your company more profitable as you continue to expand. Your choices will affect your company’s reputation and decide the outcome of the game! The Red Zone: For the casual fan and the football addict! The Red Zone is a well balanced fast paced football game that allows novice and experienced football fans to feel the excitement of pro football. With a balance of strategy and luck, the experienced player can play wisely to put the odds in their favor, but it won't always guarantee the victory. Two teams can go head to head in a single game or multiple players can set up a league to see who will be The Red Zone champion! Choose what plays to run and how to utilize your star players at crucial times. Will you run the ball for a shorter but surer gain? Will you pass the ball inside and outside to throw the defense off? Or perhaps you're a risk taker who likes to throw the long bomb! Knowing your opponents tendencies, calling the right plays and managing the clock could be the difference between winning and losing the championship!


  • Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce - Donna Ackerson: 12:45 - 2:30,2:45 - 4:30,4:45 - 6:30

    Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce Escape from Dulce is a collaborative, sci-fi adventure game for 1 to 6 players, ages 14 and up. ... choose your own imprisoned misfit from one of 8 hilariously bizarre characters, including a two-headed mutant cow that can strap machine guns on its back, to an alien hybrid super solider who dreams of being a normal teenager and hanging out at the 'mall.' The players must blast their way through a base full of self strategizing human and non-human enemies, as they attempt to traverse the seven nefarious levels of Dulce, along the way collecting zany items, incredible weapons and leveling up their characters, while constantly working to keep the alarm from reaching critical levels and releasing the dreaded Man in Black.


  • Who Does That - Lisa Tyson: 6:45 - 8:30

    Who Does That We believe that with technology playing such a huge role in our societies, it is becoming more and more difficult to find opportunities to connect. In fact, lack of relationship is a key challenge that we face in the twenty first century. Even when families and friends are together, many are distracted by television, laptops, and smartphones… and through a structured discovery process spanning over a decade, we have created a game which we believe can be a solution. Who Does That is an exploration game that's unique each time you play. Our unique game cards include over 400 dynamic questions that provide an opportunity to develop deeper relationships while sharing surprising dialogue and laughter in a fun and competitive setting. The environment that results, creates a priceless atmosphere of trust and respect among the players. Who Does That promotes communication, discovery, curiosity and discussion across all forms of home groups, business trainings, conferences, retreats, and can even be used among students in classrooms! Groups could range from small families around the kitchen table, to educators at staff developments, employees and business associates in staff meetings, small home or youth groups meeting on couches, and team building circles at conferences. Who Does That could be played at a Friday night party in a home or college dorm or at a weekend barb-e-que among friends, or a large family gathering. Regardless of how well or..not-so-well you know your opponents, the game brings an interesting and deep dimension to all who take the challenge to play. Outsmart your opponents with strategic gameplay that will question even those with the best of memories. Join the adventure and learn with this FUN, new game!


  • Pocketari: Minotaur - Gerrod Garcia at Axenic Games

    Explore the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Defeat monsters and avoid traps while navigating an ever changing dungeon. Recover the pieces of the ancient medallions and seal away the Minotaur! Beware, the Minotaur may be lurking around any corner, waiting to crush puny adventurers like you! More Information:


  • Loki’s Cut - Aaron Newbom: 4:45 - 6:30,6:45 - 8:30

    Fabled warriors engage in glorious hand-to hand mortal combat, for the honor of their faction and the glory of their God. To The victor goes the honor & the glory. To Loki goes the spoils. Loki’s Cut is a fast paced card game where your objective is to kill your opponent in a fight to the death. As an epic Warrior from one of many martial traditions, your unique skills & abilities give you an edge over your opponent in battle. Above you, deities gamble & clash, channeling their power & influence to upset the odds & back their favored warrior.


  • Stupid Users: BETA - Mandy Jacobs & Matt Jacobs at Dent Ventures:12:45 - 2:30,2:45 - 4:30,4:45 - 6:30,6:45 - 8:30

    Stupid Users: BETA Beta is a one of a kind, IT vs Zombies, Card Game about building up an army and stealing or looting anything to win. You read that right, IT vs Zombies. This isn't your typical card game. Get ready for a fast paced, trash talking, turn on a dime, army building card game. It starts like this; choose your IT Champion, cards are dealt, you're fighting against the other players, and the evil Der Magicker a diabolical hacker. You see Der Magicker is building his army of zombies to take over the world and more importantly beat you and the other players. Champions must gather or steal weapons, troops, and strategically play cards to beat Der Magicker and the other players. There are many ways to gather your army, draw a card, attack another player, kill a higher powered zombie, etc. Pay close attention because one card will change the game entirely or can be a win card with the correct gameplay. No sleeping allowed! Let the game begin, if you dare......


  • Dino Run & Boom! - Benjamin Brown: 4:45 - 6:30, 6:45 - 8:30z

    Dino Run Play a dinosaur in search of eggs through an endless jungle. Move and discovering eggs or rotate cards changing the path the map and or replace cards to discover new Jungle and increase the size of the jungle. Beware other dinosaurs will try to steal your eggs, there are many traps hidden in the jungle, and the T-Rex lurks around every corner looking to steal all of your eggs. Boom! Fast paced card game with total player interaction at all times.