Kickstarter Videos, Playtesting, & The Overabundance of Ideas

Kickstarter Videos:

For those out there who have ever made a Kickstarter video or attempted to make one,  I give you mad props.  I know this has been one of the most challenging things for us to accomplish.  Neither Gerrod nor myself have any issues with talking about any of our games to people because we are TALKING TO PEOPLE!  Talking to an “imaginary audience” can be quite frustrating, uninspired, and difficult to perceive.

Locking an idea in our head down to a simple 3 minute video that explains our game which is pretty much to “sell our game” can be quite disheartening.  The general consensus is that Kickstarter projects without a video fail; I have backed about ten projects in the past two years and I usually don’t watch the videos, or save watching the video until after I read the project synopsis.  Maybe I am the unusual one but I can’t imagine I am the only person out there thinking the video process is a little overblown.  Nevertheless we continue onward to video gold!


Speaking of onward….playtesting pushes on!  After two major conventions and a busy schedule in between, I have taken feedback for Imaginary Friends and trying new things.  Still very relieved on how much better the game works now with the major overhaul.  Been mostly positive feedback with one of the best comments being that the artwork had a very “Schoolhouse Rock” kind of vibe.  But the main focus is still Covalent Crisis; there is still a good number of people I know that have not gotten a chance to try it out, and I am pushing to change that over the next two weeks or so leading up to Kickstarter launch.  Hopefully some good ideas will roll in…..

Overabundance of Ideas:

Speaking of ideas, there is no shortage of fuel on our idea train.  We each have tons of game ideas which can be a boon and curse simultaneously.  The curse of so many ideas is the lack of drive to focus solely on what we needs to be done.  Our other great game ideas have to wait to make room for getting Covalent Crisis in as many gamer’s hands as possible while still ironing out Proelium and Imaginary Friends.  So we agreed to focus on that and put other ideas on the back burner while ignoring any contests that may arise.  Well that worked well for about two days.  The Game Crafter’s new contest had my idea machine spinning about halfway through reading the description, and now I sit here with a rough playtest copy in front of me.  Still working on a title and haven’t gotten a chance to test it out yet, but damn another idea.  Maybe something can bloom from it, maybe it falters…..but other way I felt I needed to keep the imagination going and not let ideas we previously had go stale.