New Terra & A New Direction

A New Direction:

Last Tuesday my Co-designer Steven returned to Baltimore after a week here in Long Beach. While he was here crunch time began. We reviewed notes from his presence at Unpub5, tested and shared ideas, and spent 3 solid days working our games at OrcCon 2015.

We held a Proelium tournament, it was a blast, sent people home with beta versions of the game, it was time to let it go. Proelium needs work. I still believe it’s a fun game, with a fun theme, and the players at the con had a great time. The fact of the matter is, Proelium needs to be reorganized, edited, and redesigned visually. It has been a labor of love, as the first game I designed it has been through 2 years of testing and changes, and it’s time to make the changes that have been glaring at me in the face.

That being said we had a choice to make, “Is it really time to Kickstart Proelium?”.

We agreed. No.

We also agreed that Covalent Crisis was the right place to start. This game only needs a touch up to be ready to go, and should have been the obvious choice, but our initial look into the cost of custom dice was less than enticing.

This has changed.

Covalent Crisis is a mini dice game that fits in your pocket. We designed it as an entry for a contest, it is our simplest design, and seems to cause addiction in as little as one use. Now we want to bring it to as many people as we can. Covalent Crisis has had such a positive response everywhere we take it, and it’s so easy to take and share, it literally fits in your pocket, no joke.  It is a scifi themed, chemistry based, race against time, dice allocation game for up to four players.

While Steven was here we shot footage for a Kickstarter video, editing this footage is my task for the next couple of weeks.

New Terra:

New Terra; the reason why I haven’t already started working on our Kickstarter video.

For the last week since Steven left crunch time has continued in full swing. Today was the deadline to submit to the Game Crafter’s sprue challenge, and as of the beginning of the week I had this list to complete:

    Design Rulebook Graphics
    Design Rulebook layout
    Edit/Proofread Rulebook
    Write Scenarios
    Design Scenario Graphics
    Edit/Proofread all Cards
    Edit/Proof Maps
    Design Tokens
    Upload all Materials
    Design Shop Page

I am pleased to say, I got it done. New Terra has been submitted. You can check it out and download the rules for free on the Game Crafter Here.

We shall see what happens.

Look out for Covalent Crisis in March on Kickstarter.

Rock on.