Blast off!

    Kickstarter has Launched!

    The Time has arrived everyone, our project is live. It has taken months of preparation, and we are totally grateful for all of the backers that have come in so far! We are on the move, Go see Steven in Baltimore MD at  Cosmic Comix & Toys for Free Comic Book Day! OR come see me at Comic Cult in Torrance CA!

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    Unpub/Protospiel San Jose and the road ahead

    Unpub/Protospiel San Jose

    I'm gearing up for this weekend in San Jose, Covalent Crisis will be featured for play and feedback as we prepare to hit Kickstarter May 1st. I am really looking forward to meeting the other designers and industry professionals at Game Kastle. The next couple of weeks we are rocking in super overdrive, and I want to say thanks to everyone for their feedback and support thus far.

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    Kickstarter Updates & International Tabletop Day

    Kickstarter Updates:

    So first and foremost, let's talk Kickstarter news.  We have not launched quite yet.  We are crunching some final numbers, defining our reward levels, doing some new graphics, etc.  Basically, we are cautiously approaching the project so we can make sure there are no errors or holdups if everything is successful.  There have been a good number of flyers handed out already advertising our Kickstarter campaign, but to make sure there is no confusion, let me reiterate.....

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    The Love of the Game

    While undergoing the stress that coincides with the work put into preparing and running a Kickstarter project, one may become dismayed over it all. On times like this, it is common to lose focus or become easily distracted.

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    Covalent Crisis and Kickstarter

    The Covalent Crisis.

    It's not really a crisis, well the game thematically involves a crisis of sorts, but I digress...

    Covalent Crisis is a quick to learn, fast paced dice allocation game, with a tiny bit of take that, and a smidge of press your luck.

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    Kickstarter Videos, Playtesting, & The Overabundance of Ideas

    Kickstarter Videos:

    For those out there who have ever made a Kickstarter video or attempted to make one,  I give you mad props.  I know this has been one of the most challenging things for us to accomplish.  Neither Gerrod nor myself have any issues with talking about any of our games to people because we are TALKING TO PEOPLE!  Talking to an "imaginary audience" can be quite frustrating, uninspired, and difficult to perceive.

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    New Terra & A New Direction

    A New Direction:

    Last Tuesday my Co-designer Steven returned to Baltimore after a week here in Long Beach. While he was here crunch time began. We reviewed notes from his presence at Unpub5, tested and shared ideas, and spent 3 solid days working our games at OrcCon 2015.

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    Same Coast Designing, Unpub5, And Finding Your Interest All Over Again

    Same Coast Designing:

    While almost everyone I know is huddled up inside, shivering in a perpetual Ice Age back home in Baltimore, I have traveled 2,670 miles to the other side of the country to enjoy sun, warm weather, and the ability to work with my co-designer face to face.

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    A new beginning, and New Terra

    New Beginning:

    New Website layout, new projects, new goals.

    Ok so I've decided to try and over-haul the site again, I don't know if anyone saw the previous mess, the old site, and the redirect we had for a short while. This will hopefully stand a little better!

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