The Love of the Game

While undergoing the stress that coincides with the work put into preparing and running a Kickstarter project, one may become dismayed over it all. On times like this, it is common to lose focus or become easily distracted.

It is best to take a step back and remember why we started designing games in the first place. Because at the root of us is our very core audience; we are gamers at heart, first and foremost. So with this in mind, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the games that helped me decide to become a designer myself.

Munchkin-I can already hear the internet and gamer protests from listing this on here. While I know there is a huge distaste for this game out there, it will always hold a special place in my heart. This was the first tabletop game I ever owned that wasn’t a mass produced game such as Clue, Monopoly, etc. I do believe that Munchkin has gotten out of control with all the various iterations and expansions but every once in awhile it is still a good game to pull out right before you stab your friends in the back.

Dominion-The first deck builder I ever played which led to a bigger obsession with Star Realms, Ascension, etc. And as a designer it taught me how NOT to design a deck builder. I know Dominion has its own huge fan base out there but I am not a fan. Someone at a con said to me, “Dominion is like playing Solitaire with four other players.” Never has a truer statement been made! While I may not love this game, it has provided many future ideas of deck building games of my own.

Zombies!!!-With one of the most dominating themes in a tabletop game, this was the second game I put in my collection. While the combat mechanics are very simple and half the cards useless at times, this was my first foray into a game that featured a map built out of tiles randomly selected each turn thus creating a different map every game. For someone who only played one a single fold out board before, this concept was completely new and refreshing. But there was to be better zombie games to be found….

Zombicide-I cannot talk up this game enough! Combat mechanics that actually make sense, multiple realistic scenarios, co-op gameplay, and overwhelming crushing odds! True that this game can take some time to play but it is always worthwhile. When we can’t decide what to play, this is the go to game for my friend Rob and I on beer nights. Almost always our nights end in defeat which can make the game a stressful, but fun time. But with loads of rules and pressure mounting up, sometimes you want a game to just have fun and not care which brings me to my last one on this list….

Cards Against Humanity-Otherwise known as the “Game to Figure Out Which Of Your Friends Is The Worst Human Being In The Universe”. As a designer, it is refreshing to know that games with barely any rules can succeed in the right market; that sometimes a great idea, theme, and humor can persevere to make huge bank. Who doesn’t like getting drunk with their friends and play a party game? This is a fun game and isn’t that why we play games in the first place?