Unpub at Gam3rCon


GamerCon 2017 July 5th-9th

Unpub will be July 6th-9th

If you are a game designer this is your opportunity to get valuable feed back from the gaming community and other designers! Fill out the form below to secure your table space! Thursday the 6th will be designer day! Get to know the other designers, play each other’s games! Play other games! Tables will be scheduled and assigned for Friday – Saturday. 

Table space is free but limited. Designers do not need to purchase tickets! Go to Http://www.Gam3rCon.com to find out more!

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GamerCon Unpub Designer Registration

Select your preferred time slots. Please consider 3 or more choices.

Does your game take longer to play than the time slots available? do you need a lot of table space for your game? Let us know here if you have any special requirements and we will do our best to accomodate.