Unpub/Protospiel San Jose and the road ahead

Unpub/Protospiel San Jose

I’m gearing up for this weekend in San Jose, Covalent Crisis will be featured for play and feedback as we prepare to hit Kickstarter May 1st. I am really looking forward to meeting the other designers and industry professionals at Game Kastle. The next couple of weeks we are rocking in super overdrive, and I want to say thanks to everyone for their feedback and support thus far.

As I look ahead to this weekend I hope to get a lot of time with Covalent Crisis, and I also plan to have New Terra hit the table at least once. I will also be attending as a member of the staff at this con, and I am super stoked to get to help with the experience, and get to know and work with some of the other folks involved in making such a great event possible.

If you’re going to be in the sf bay area this weekend, please pop in, admission is free for players. Come play Covalent Crisis, and check out some of the other great unpublished games by great designers from all over!

The Road Ahead

As I mentioned it is time for super overdrive. With Kickstarter on the horizon there is still much to do, I have been listening to the comments and suggestions from those in the outstanding online communities I have become a part of. I know there is still more tweaking to do before launch, but I wouldn’t be on the right path if it weren’t for all of the fantastic information available from folks like The League of Gamemakers, James Mathe of Minion Games and his Facebook groups, and Joey Vigour for his direct advice on our earliest draft.

On the other side of things, we have crunched our numbers, found an importer to facilitate getting our shipment through customs, pulled manufacturing quotes, and made plans for a couple of possible stretch goals. I am feeling pretty good about the business end of things.

Things are coming together, we are taking all the feedback anyone can dish out, and doing our best to apply it. We are also making sure to keep our own identity. And in the next couple of weeks before launch there will most likely be another major make over to the project page. It will be influenced by all, and made our own, and we hope you will all join us for the ride!

~ Gerrod

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